Handle With Care for Law Enforcement

1. Determine Whether Children are Present & Include in Report

  • Name
  • Age (DOB)
  • Relationship to parties
  • School/Child Care Agency
  • Demeanor
  • Present during incident?
  • Physically harmed?

2. Health and Safety Checks on Children

  • Visual observation
  • Asking the child
  • Determine if treatment is necessary
  • Mandated reporting to CPS/DCF

3. Complete HWC Form

  • Date & Time
  • Officer’s Name
  • Children’s School/Day Care Facility
  • Email form to email address on form

Tips When Dealing with a Child at a Scene

  1. Talk with children about the incident if their age permits
  2. Get eye level with the child
  3. Ask non-leading questions. “What happened next, what did you see, hear, and do?”
  4. Avoid interviewing witnesses in the presence of children
  5. Avoid subduing or arresting someone in the presence of children.
  6. Do let the child know it was not their fault, that they did nothing wrong, and that you are sorry they had to see or hear the incident.
  7. Don’t make promises you can’t keep